How Ice Dams and Frozen Pipes Are Detrimental to your Home

Icicles on a brick wallThough winter is almost behind us, there is still the potential for nasty, severe snow storms to pass through. Winter is one of the harshest seasons on your home, leading to issues such as ice dams and frozen pipes that could result in numerous costly repairs. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help protect your home against these frozen hazards.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common roofing problem during the winter months and are caused by poor roof ventilation. They can cause severe damage to your gutters, roof, insulation, and structure which will result in costly repairs. These dams form when the snow melts off of the roof but freezes right at the edge. As snow continues to melt, the water will continue to flow down to these dams, causing them to grow.

Over time, the weight of these ice buildups can cause significant damage to various roofing elements, resulting in roof repairs, gutter repairs, and more.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen water pipes are another common problem during the winter and are even more damaging than ice dams. Unlike the slow formation of heavy ice in your gutters, a frozen pipe can happen instantly. Frozen pipes can not only interfere with your home’s heating, but they can also cause flooding within the wall cavities.

If you are experiencing home issues related to winter weather, contact our roofing company in Ramsey County, MN, for a free home inspection today at (952) 544-7663.

How to Troubleshoot Roof Repair Needs

Worker installing bitumen roof shinglesWhether you discover a brand new water stain on the ceiling or a branch strikes your roof during a storm, you are most likely dreading the thought of replacing your roof and the costs that come along with it. Fortunately, there are ways you can troubleshoot your roofing problems without needing to spend a significant amount of money. From there, you can then determine if a full replacement is necessary, or if you only need a simple roof repair in Ramsey County, MN.

Damaged Flashing: Flashing, the material that protects creases between fixtures such as chimneys or ventilation pipes, can become cracked, loose, or worn over time. If left unchecked, the area around these fixtures can become vulnerable to water and moisture. Your local roofing company can help remove and replace the flashing material to ensure you do not experience prolonged water damage.

Punctures: There are a variety of factors that can cause punctures and holes in your roofing material, such as falling branches and animals. A hole in your roof does not constitute an entire replacement; however, you will want to call in the professionals to do the repair job.

Missing Shingles: It is not uncommon for homeowners to discover missing or damaged shingles on their roof over time. Strong winds, animal activity, and hail are all factors that can cause shingles to fall off or break. Your local roof repair company can easily replace these shingles to ensure your roof is back in top condition once again.

3 types of Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Large bedroom with off-white curtainsWhen you install new windows in Roseville, MN, window treatments are essential to ensure your family’s privacy, adjust lighting, and maintain the room’s temperature. When it comes to the bedroom, you want to choose window treatments that fit the look and feel of the room. Below are three types of window treatments that will fit well in any bedroom.

Curtains: Curtains are easily the most common window treatment utilized in the home. They are available in many different colors, styles, and patterns, providing exceptional diversity. Curtains are installed using a curtain rod, or rings attached to the rod, which can be placed right above the window to as high as a few inches below the ceiling line.

Sheers: Sheers offer a soft, delicate look to your bedroom and are great for letting natural light into the room. Though they do not provide much privacy and won’t block light from coming in, many homeowners will pair them with shades, blinds, or thicker curtains. This will create an airy, relaxed feel during the day while still providing the privacy you need at night.

Shades: Shades are a popular window treatment that can be used all throughout the house. Shades come in a variety of styles, such as bamboo, Roman, and pleated. These window treatments will provide exceptional privacy at all hours but are also easily adjustable to let in as much or as little light as desired.